Hosting a Bitcoin Core Review Club Meeting

How to Choose a PR

Before the Meeting

Making a New Post

Fork the website repository located on GitHub.

To make a new post, run the following Ruby make command from the website directory:

rake posts:new -- -p PR_NUMBER -h HOST_USERNAME -d YYYY-MM-DD

The -p (pr) and -h (host) arguments are required. The -d (date) argument is optional; if no date is passed the meeting date will be set by default to next Wednesday.

The host argument is your GitHub username.

This command will create a new markdown file for the post, with metadata and initial Notes and Questions headers.

For full help on the command, run

rake posts:new -- --help

In the Meeting

After a Meeting

Let one of the review club maintainers know that the meeting is over. They’ll take care of updating the website.

Adding logs to the review club website

This process is done by the review club maintainers