A weekly review club for Bitcoin Core PRs

What is this?  A weekly club for reviewing Bitcoin Core PRs at 17:00 UTC on Wednesdays on IRC.

What’s it for?  To help newer contributors learn about the Bitcoin Core review process. The review club is not primarily intended to help open PRs get merged (although that might be a nice side-effect).

Who should take part?  Anyone who wants to learn about contributing to Bitcoin Core. All are welcome to come and ask questions!

What’s the benefit for participants?  Reviewing and testing PRs is the best way to start contributing to Bitcoin Core, but it’s difficult to know where to start. There are hundreds of open PRs, many require a lot of contextual knowledge, and contributors and reviewers often use unfamiliar terminology. The review club will give you the tools and knowledge you need in order to take part in the Bitcoin Core review process on GitHub.

How do I take part? Just show up on IRC! See Attending your first PR Review Club for more tips on how to participate.

Who runs this?  Bitcoin Core contributor jnewbery started the review club and schedules the upcoming meetings. Individual meetings are hosted by a variety of Bitcoin Core contributors. See some of our previous hosts.

Upcoming Meetings

» #20546 Check for non-representable CFeeRates (tx fees and policy, wallet, refactoring) hosted by jonatack

We’re always looking for interesting PRs to discuss in the review club and for volunteer hosts to lead the discussion:

Recent Meetings

» #19825 Simpler setban and new ban manipulation commands (p2p,rpc/rest/zmq) hosted by dhruv
» #20799 Only support compact blocks with witnesses (p2p) hosted by jnewbery
» Testing Bitcoin Core 0.21 Release Candidates (tests) hosted by jarolrod
» #19935 Move SaltedHashers to separate file and add some new ones (refactoring) hosted by willcl-ark

See all meetings.

Other Resources for New Contributors