Testing Bitcoin Core 25.0 Release Candidates (tests)

Host: ismaelsadeeq


  • Major versions of Bitcoin Core are released every 6-8 months. See the Life Cycle documentation for full details.
  • When all of the PRs for a release have been merged, Release Candidate 1 (rc1) is tagged. The rc is then tested. If any issues are found, fixes are merged into the branch and a new rc is tagged. This continues until no major issues are found in an rc, and that rc is then considered to be the final release version.
  • To ensure that users don’t experience issues with the new software, it’s essential that the rcs are thoroughly tested. This special review club meeting is for people who want to help with that vital review process.

  • This Bitcoin Core Release Candidate Testing Guide provides guidance for testing the release candidate.

    • It is recommended to go through the “Preparation” steps ahead of the meeting, especially if you want to compile from source. Verify and confirm the successful installation of v25rc2.

    • The testing guide relies on the tools jq which are not installed by default on each platform. For example on macOS, you can install these ahead of time using brew install. Alternatively, you can also modify the instructions to avoid using these tools as they are not strictly necessary and/or can be replaced by other tools.

    • For some of the tests, you might want to have the signet chain fully synced beforehand, so that you can just copy the signet directory into /tmp/25-rc-test/ every time you run a test in a fresh environment.

  • The guide is just to get you started on testing, so feel free to read the Release Notes and bring ideas of other things you’d like to test!

Meeting Log

  116:59 <abubakarsadiq> #startmeeting
  216:59 <glozow> hi
  316:59 <d33r_gee> hello
  416:59 <abubakarsadiq> Hello everyone welcome to this special edition of bitcoin core pr review club
  516:59 <Tobses> yaay
  617:00 <effexzi> Hi every1
  717:00 <hernanmarino> hi all !
  817:00 <abubakarsadiq> Feel free to say hello
  917:00 <abubakarsadiq> Anyone joining in for the first time?
 1017:02 <abubakarsadiq> We will be testing the changes and new features in the upcoming release of bitcoin core version 25.0
 1117:03 <abubakarsadiq> Find the relevant notes and the link to the testing guide here https://bitcoincore.reviews/v25-rc-testing
 1217:05 <abubakarsadiq> The purpose of this is to ensure all the changes in this release are working as expected, the guide covers most but not all the changes, so go ahead and try to break things :).
 1317:06 <hernanmarino> ieay !
 1417:06 <brunoerg> hi
 1517:07 <abubakarsadiq> Welcome !
 1617:08 <abubakarsadiq> Which os are you all using / and are you compiling from source or using pre-built binaries
 1717:08 <abubakarsadiq> pop os / compiling from source
 1817:09 <brunoerg> macOS 13.0 / compiling from source
 1917:10 <evansmj> macos 13.3.1, compiled from source
 2017:10 <hernanmarino> Linux 6.0.10 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Wed Nov 30 15:00:02 -03 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
 2117:10 <hernanmarino> compiling from source
 2217:11 <abubakarsadiq> Great let's get started with the preparation step https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki/wiki/25.0-Release-Candidate-Testing-Guide#preparation
 2317:11 <SebastianvStaa> Ubuntu, compiled from source
 2417:12 <abubakarsadiq> Lets spare a few minutes for that step, you can go ahead and start testing if you are done with this step 🚀
 2517:14 <d33r_gee> Compiling from source Ubuntu 20.04
 2617:15 <abubakarsadiq> There are majorly 4 test in the guide with some bonus tests
 2717:16 <abubakarsadiq> There is a major tests in the release notes that are not covered in the guide, the guide is a wip for feedback on it please drop comment here (https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/27736)
 2817:18 <abubakarsadiq> There are some major*
 2917:19 <abubakarsadiq> The first one is to test -maxconnections=0 will now disable -dnsseed and -listen
 3017:19 <abubakarsadiq> https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki/wiki/25.0-Release-Candidate-Testing-Guide#test--maxconnections0-will-now-disable--dnsseed-and--listen
 3117:23 <hernanmarino> Run smoothly , everything as expected
 3217:23 <abubakarsadiq> hernanmarino: great
 3317:25 <d33r_gee> -maxconnections=0 ran w/o issues
 3417:26 <abubakarsadiq> Anyone having unexpected results can drop questions here on the issue
 3517:26 <abubakarsadiq> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/27621
 3617:27 <abubakarsadiq> Alright the next test is Test non-witness transaction that are greater than 65 bytes are allowed in the mempool and relayed #26265
 3717:27 <abubakarsadiq> https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki/wiki/25.0-Release-Candidate-Testing-Guide#test-non-witness-transactions-that-are-greater-than-65-bytes-are-allowed-in-the-mempool
 3817:33 <abubakarsadiq> Tips for the last step, add 0 after the transactionhex to set the maxfeerate to 0
 3917:37 <d33r_gee> when running bcli -regtest sendrawtransaction ... getting error code: -25 error message:
 4017:37 <d33r_gee> bad-txns-inputs-missingorspent
 4117:38 <hernanmarino> did you replace your own txid when creating the raw transaction ?
 4217:38 <d33r_gee> ah nope
 4317:38 <abubakarsadiq> Yes use the raw trxhex from your regtest node
 4417:38 <hernanmarino> you cannot simply copy and paste from the guide in this step, i believe. You should replace the txid with the one you got in the previous step
 4517:39 <d33r_gee> ah ok got it
 4617:39 <abubakarsadiq> +1 hernanmarino
 4717:40 <abubakarsadiq> mine passed the tx was accepted in my mempool 🚀
 4817:40 <hernanmarino> aslo when you sign and send the rawtransaction you should use is the output you got when you created it
 4917:41 <hernanmarino> and also when decoding and verifying it s size
 5017:44 <abubakarsadiq> The third test is an interesting one, it tests Finalizing a PSBT with inputs spending Miniscript-compatible P2WSH scripts introduced in PR #24149
 5117:44 <abubakarsadiq> https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki/wiki/25.0-Release-Candidate-Testing-Guide#test-finalizing-a-psbt-with-inputs-spending-miniscript-compatible-p2wsh-scripts-and-test-spending-the-coin
 5217:51 <d33r_gee> ok it worked
 5317:52 <abubakarsadiq> Great same here :)
 5417:52 <brunoerg> worked here as well
 5517:52 <abubakarsadiq> We have some minutes to test one or two bonus tests
 5617:53 <hernanmarino> worked ok
 5717:54 <abubakarsadiq> This is a good one if you have signet chain https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki/wiki/25.0-Release-Candidate-Testing-Guide#ensure-verifychain-returns-false-if-the-check-cant-be-completed
 5817:54 <abubakarsadiq> You can copy the signet directory to /tmp/25-rc-test for this
 5917:59 <abubakarsadiq> Please remember to add a comment on v25.0-rc2 testing issue detailing
 6017:59 <abubakarsadiq> Please remember to add a comment on v25.0-rc2 testing issue detailing:
 6117:59 <abubakarsadiq> #endmeeting