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» #29221 Implement 64 bit arithmetic op codes in the Script interpreter by Christewart (consensus)
» #28956 Nuke adjusted time (attempt 2) by dergoegge (p2p, consensus)
» #28950 Add `maxfeerate` and `maxburnamount` args to submitpackage by instagibbs (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #28690 Introduce internal kernel library by TheCharlatan (build system)
» #28368 Fee Estimator updates from Validation Interface/CScheduler thread by ismaelsadeeq (tx fees and policy)
» #28165 transport abstraction by sipa (p2p)
» #28122 Silent Payments: Implement BIP352 by josibake (wallet)
» #28107 Type-safe transaction identifiers by dergoegge (utils/log/libs)
» #27748 util: generalize accounting of system-allocated memory in pool resource by LarryRuane (utxo db and indexes)
» #27711 Remove shutdown from kernel library by TheCharlatan (validation)
» #27625 Stop relaying non-mempool txs by MarcoFalke (p2p)
» #27600 Allow inbound whitebind connections to more aggressively evict peers when slots are full by pinheadmz (p2p)
» #27501 Add getprioritisationmap, delete a mapDeltas entry when delta==0 by glozow (rpc/rest/zmq, mempool)
» #27460 Add importmempool RPC by MarcoFalke (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #27307 Track mempool conflicts with wallet transactions by ishaanam (wallet)
» #27255 MiniTapscript: port Miniscript to Tapscript by darosior (descriptors)
» #27255 MiniTapscript: port Miniscript to Tapscript (Part 2) by darosior (descriptors)
» #27145 When a block is disconnected, update transactions that are no longer conflicted by ishaanam (wallet)
» #27050 Don't download witnesses for assumed-valid blocks when running in prune mode by dergoegge (p2p, validation)
» #27039 Do not flush block to disk if it is already there by pinheadmz (block storage)
» #27006 Reduce cs_main scope, guard block index 'nFile' under a local mutex by furszy (refactoring, resource usage)
» #26847 Track AddrMan totals by network and table, improve precision of adding fixed seeds by mzumsande (p2p)
» #26742 Track active requests and wait for last to finish by fjahr (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #26697 logging: use std::bitset for categories by LarryRuane (utils/log/libs)
» #26695 bench BlockAssembler on a mempool with packages by glozow (bench)
» #26631 add coverage for dust mempool policy (-dustrelayfee setting) by theStack (tests)
» #26485 Accept options as named-only parameters by ryanofsky (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #26441 add `addpermissionflags` RPC by brunoerg (rpc, p2p)
» #26403 Ephemeral Anchors by instagibbs (tx fees and policy, mempool)
» #26347 wallet: ensure the wallet is unlocked when needed for rescanning by ishaanam (wallet)
» #26265 Relax MIN_STANDARD_TX_NONWITNESS_SIZE to 65 non-witness bytes by instagibbs (tx fees and policy, mempool)
» #26158 Bench: add priority level to the benchmark framework by furszy (tests)
» #26152 Bump unconfirmed ancestor transactions to target feerate by Xekyo (wallet)
» #26152 Bump unconfirmed ancestor transactions to target feerate by Xekyo (wallet)
» #26140 Move CNodeState members guarded by g_msgproc_mutex to Peer by dergoegge (p2p, refactoring)
» #26114 Make AddrFetch connections to fixed seeds by mzumsande (p2p)
» #25991 Add foreign_outputs metadata to support CoinJoin transactions by luke-jr (wallet)
» #25957 wallet: fast rescan with BIP157 block filters for descriptor wallets by theStack (wallet)
» #25880 Make stalling timeout adaptive during IBD by mzumsande (p2p)
» #25768 Properly rebroadcast unconfirmed transaction chains by achow101 (wallet)
» #25720 Reduce bandwidth during initial headers sync when a block is found by sdaftuar (p2p)
» #25665 Add util::Result failure values, multiple error and warning messages by ryanofsky (refactoring)
» #25600 Advertise `NODE_REPLACE_BY_FEE` and connect to 1 outbound full-rbf peer if `mempoolfullrbf` sets by ariard (p2p)
» #25574 Improve error handling when VerifyDB fails due to insufficient dbcache by mzumsande (validation)
» #25527 Decouple validation cache initialization from `ArgsManager` by dongcarl (refactoring)
» #25515 Virtualise CConnman and add initial PeerManager unit tests by dergoegge (p2p, tests)
» #25380 Detect and ignore transactions that were CPFP'd in the fee estimator by darosior (mempool)
» #25325 Add pool based memory resource by martinus (utxo db and indexes)
» #25261 fetch multiple headers in getblockheader() by natanleung (rpc)
» #25228 Add BIP-125 rule 5 testcase with default mempool by jamesob (tests)
» #25218 Introduce generic 'Result' class and connect it to CreateTransaction and GetNewDestination by furszy (refactoring)
» #25077 Fix chain tip data race and corrupt rest response by MarcoFalke (validation)
» #25038 nVersion=3 and Package RBF by glozow (tx fees and policy)
» #25038 nVersion=3 and Package RBF by glozow (tx fees and policy)
» #24858 incorrect blk file size calculation during reindex results in recoverable blk file corruption by mruddy (block storage)
» #24832 Verify the block filter hash when reading the filter from disk. by kcalvinalvin (utxo db and indexes)
» #24644 Add tracepoints and algorithm information to coin selection by achow101 (wallet)
» #24584 Avoid mixing different `OutputTypes` during coin selection by josibake (wallet)
» #24571 Prevent block index fingerprinting by sending additional getheaders messages by dergoegge (p2p)
» #24538 bug fix: update for ancestor inclusion using modified fees, not base by glozow (mining)
» #24410 Split hashing/index `GetUTXOStats` codepaths, decouple from `coinstatsindex` by dongcarl (utxo db and indexes)
» #24170 Manual block-relay-only connections with addnode by mzumsande (rpc/rest/zmq, p2p)
» #24152 CPFP fee bumping within packages by glozow (tx fees and policy, validation)
» #24148 Miniscript support in Output Descriptors (part 1) by darosior (wallet)
» #24148 Miniscript support in Output Descriptors (part 2) by darosior (wallet)
» #24118 Add 'sendall' RPC née sweep by Xekyo (wallet, rpc)
» #24098 Use query parameters to control resource loading by stickies-v (build system, rpc/rest/zmq)
» #24034 Delete anchors.dat after trying to connect to that peers by brunoerg (p2p)
» #24007 Allow tx replacement by smaller witness by LarryRuane (tx fees and policy, validation)
» #23897 Move calculation logic out from `CheckSequenceLocksAtTip()` by hebasto (refactoring, validation, mempool)
» #23724 Add systemtap's sys/sdt.h as depends for GUIX builds with USDT tracepoints by 0xB10C (build system, utils/log/libs)
» #23614 Add unit test for block-relay-only eviction by mzumsande (tests)
» #23542 Open p2p connections to nodes that listen on non-default ports by vasild (p2p)
» #23534 Allow negative effective value inputs when subtracting fee from outputs by achow101 (wallet)
» #23512 Treat taproot as always active by MarcoFalke (tx fees and policy)
» #23443 Erlay support signaling by naumenkogs (p2p)
» #23418 Fix signed integer overflow in prioritisetransaction RPC by MarcoFalke (rpc/rest/zmq, mempool)
» #23319 Return fee and prevout (utxos) to getrawtransaction by dougEfresh (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #23280 Coalesce Chainstate loading sequence between {,non-}unittest codepaths by dongcarl (refactoring)
» #23201 Allow users to specify input weights when funding a transaction by achow101 (wallet, rpc/rest/zmq)
» #23173 Add `ChainstateManager::ProcessTransaction` by jnewbery (refactoring, validation)
» #23157 Txmempool -/-> validation 1/2: improve performance of check() and remove dependency on validation by glozow (mempool)
» #22950 Pimpl AddrMan to abstract implementation details by amitiuttarwar (p2p)
» #22871 Discourage CSV as NOP when locktime disable is set & discourage unknown nSequence by JeremyRubin (validation, tx fees and policy)
» #22778 net processing: Reduce resource usage for inbound block-relay-only connections by jnewbery (p2p)
» #22677 Cut the validation <-> txmempool circular dependency by glozow (p2p, validation, mempool)
» #22675 Extract RBF logic into policy/rbf by glozow (refactoring, tx fees and policy, validation)
» #22674 Mempool validation and submission for packages of 1 child + parents by glozow (tx fees and policy, validation)
» #22665 Don't return incorrect replaceability status by darosior (tx fees and policy, rpc/rest/zmq)
» #22383 Prefer to use txindex if available for GetTransaction by jlopp (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #22363 Use `script_util` helpers for creating P2{PKH,SH,WPKH,WSH} scripts by theStack (tests, refactoring)
» #22350 Rotate the debug log file by larryruane (utils/log/libs)
» #22340 Use legacy relaying to download blocks in blocks-only mode by dergoegge (p2p)
» #22261 Two small fixes to node broadcast logic by jnewbery (mempool, p2p)
» #22155 Add test for subtract fee from recipient behavior by ryanofsky (tests, wallet)
» #22009 Decide which coin selection solution to use based on waste metric by achow101 (wallet)
» #22006 Tracing: first tracepoints and documentation on User-Space, Statically Defined Tracing (USDT) by 0xB10C (utils/log/libs)
» #21943 Dedup and RAII-fy the creation of a copy of CConnman::vNodes by vasild (p2p)
» #21800 Mempool/validation: mempool ancestor/descendant limits for packages by glozow (mempool, tests, validation)
» #21778 LLVM 14 & LLD based macOS toolchain by fanquake (build system)
» #21767 [bundle 6/n] Prune g_chainman usage in auxiliary modules by dongcarl (refactoring)
» #21726 Improve Indices on pruned nodes via prune blockers by fjahr (utxo db and indexes, rpc/rest/zmq)
» #21603 Mitigate disk filling attacks by rate limiting LogPrintf by dergoegge (utils/log/libs)
» #21528 Reduce addr blackholes by amitiuttarwar (p2p)
» #21527 Net_processing: lock clean up by ajtowns (p2p, refactoring)
» #21224 Halt processing of unrequested transactions by ariard (p2p)
» #21142 Add tx_pool fuzz target by MarcoFalke (tests)
» #21090 Default to NODE_WITNESS in nLocalServices by dhruv (p2p)
» #21061 Introduce node rebroadcast module by amitiuttarwar (p2p)
» #20861 BIP 350: Implement Bech32m and use it for v1+ segwit addresses by sipa (utils/log/libs)
» #20833 Enable packages through testmempoolaccept by glozow (rpc/rest/zmq, tests, validation)
» #20827 During IBD, prune as much as possible until we get close to where we will eventually keep blocks by luke-jr (validation)
» #20799 Only support compact blocks with witnesses by jnewbery (p2p)
» #20726 Add DISABLETX message for negotiating block-relay-only connections by sdaftuar (p2p)
» #20721 Move ping data to net_processing by jnewbery (p2p)
» #20546 Check for non-representable CFeeRates by jonatack (tx fees and policy, wallet, refactoring)
» #20477 Add unit testing of node eviction logic by practicalswift (p2p, tests)
» #20295 RPC getblockfrompeer by Sjors (p2p, rpc/rest/zmq)
» #20158 De-globalize ChainstateManager by dongcarl (consensus)
» #20079 Treat handshake misbehavior like unknown message by MarcoFalke (p2p)
» #19953 Implement BIP 340-342 validation - Implement Tapscript script validation rules (BIP 342) by sipa (consensus, taproot)
» #19935 Move SaltedHashers to separate file and add some new ones by achow101 (refactoring)
» #19905 Remove dead CheckForkWarningConditionsOnNewFork by MarcoFalke (consensus)
» #19858 Periodically make block-relay connections and sync headers by sdaftuar (p2p)
» #19845 Add support to (un)serialize as ADDRv2 by vasild , dongcarl (p2p)
» #19843 Refactoring and minor improvement for self-advertisements by naumenkogs (p2p)
» #19825 Simpler setban and new ban manipulation commands by dhruv (p2p, rpc/rest/zmq)
» #19761 Improve sed robustness by not using sed by fanquake (build system)
» #19698 Apply strict verification flags for transaction tests and assert backwards compatibility by glozow (tests, consensus)
» #19602 Migrate legacy wallets to descriptor wallets by achow101 (wallet, rpc/rest/zmq)
» #19509 Per-peer Message Logging by troygiorshev (p2p, utils/log/libs)
» #19438 Introduce deploymentstatus by ajtowns (consensus)
» #19339 Re-delegate absurd fee checking from mempool to clients by glozow (rpc/rest/zmq, tests, validation, wallet)
» #19315 Allow outbound & block-relay-only connections in functional tests by amitiuttarwar (p2p, tests)
» #19160 Multiprocess: Add basic spawn and IPC support by ryanofsky (build system)
» #19109 Only allow getdata of recently announced invs by sipa (p2p)
» #19105 Add Muhash3072 implementation in Python by sipa , fjahr (tests, math and cryptography)
» #19070 BIP 157: Signal support for compact block filters with NODE_COMPACT_FILTERS by jnewbery (p2p)
» #19055 Calculate UTXO set hash using Muhash by fjahr , sipa (utils/log/libs)
» #19055 Add MuHash3072 implementation by fjahr (math and cryptography)
» #19031 Implement ADDRv2 support (part of BIP155) by vasild (p2p)
» #19010 BIP 157: Add support for getcfheaders by jnewbery , jimpo (p2p)
» #18991 Cache responses to GETADDR to prevent topology leaks by naumenkogs (p2p)
» #18960 BIP 157: Add compact block filter headers cache by jnewbery , jimpo (utxo db and indexes)
» #18877 BIP 157: Serve cfcheckpt requests by jimpo , jnewbery (p2p)
» #18806 Remove is{Empty,Full} flags from CBloomFilter, clarify CVE fix by theStack (p2p)
» #18772 Calculate fees in getblock using BlockUndo data by robot-visions (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #18521 Add process_messages fuzz harness by MarcoFalke (tests)
» #18468 Span improvements by sipa (refactoring)
» #18453 Add multiwallet balances rpc, use it in -getinfo, no longer depend on getwalletinfo balance by jonatack (rpc/rest/zmq, utils/log/libs)
» #18418 Increase OUTPUT_GROUP_MAX_ENTRIES to 100 by fjahr (wallet)
» #18401 Initialize PrecomputedTransactionData in CheckInputScripts and Move single-sig checking EvalScript code to EvalChecksig by sipa (consensus, taproot)
» #18267 BIP-325: Signet by kallewoof (consensus, validation)
» #18261 Erlay: bandwidth-efficient transaction relay protocol by naumenkogs (p2p)
» #18242 Add BIP324 encrypted p2p transport de-/serializer (only used in tests) by jonasschnelli (p2p)
» #18238 Retry notfounds with more urgency by ajtowns (p2p)
» #18113 Don't allow a coin to be spent and FRESH. Improve commenting. by jnewbery (utxo db and indexes)
» #18044 Use wtxid for transaction relay by sdaftuar (mempool, p2p)
» #18038 Mempool tracks locally submitted transactions to improve wallet privacy by amitiuttarwar (p2p)
» #17994 Flush undo files after last block write by kallewoof (validation)
» #17977 Implement BIP 340-342 validation - Implement Taproot signature hashing by sipa (consensus, taproot)
» #17977 Implement BIP 340-342 validation - Support for Schnorr Signatures and integration in SignatureCheckers by sipa (consensus, taproot)
» #17977 Implement BIP 340-342 validation - Implement Taproot validation (BIP 341) by sipa (consensus, taproot)
» #17954 Remove calls to Chain::Lock methods by ryanofsky (wallet)
» #17860 Fuzz: BIP 42, BIP 30, CVE-2018-17144 by MarcoFalke (tests)
» #17824 Improve coin selection for destination groups >10 by fjahr (wallet)
» #17681 Keep inactive seeds after sethdseed and derive keys from them as needed by achow101 (wallet)
» #17639 Add make check-valgrind to run the unit tests under Valgrind by practicalswift (tests)
» #17631 Expose block filters over REST by TheBlueMatt (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #17526 Use Single Random Draw in addition to knapsack as coin selection fallback by achow101 (wallet)
» #17487 Coins: allow Flush() without cache drop by jamesob (utxo db and indexes)
» #17477 Remove the mempool's NotifyEntryAdded and NotifyEntryRemoved signals by jnewbery (validation)
» #17428 Try to preserve outbound block-relay-only connections during restart by hebasto (p2p)
» #17331 Use effective values throughout coin selection by achow101 (wallet)
» #17303 Stop relaying non-mempool txs, improve tx privacy slightly by MarcoFalke (p2p)
» #16981 Improve runtime performance of --reindex by LarryRuane (resource usage, validation)
» #16939 Delay querying DNS seeds if addrman is populated by ajtowns (p2p)
» #16902 O(1) OP_IF/NOTIF/ELSE/ENDIF script implementation / Abstract out script execution out of VerifyWitnessProgram() by sipa , ajtowns (consensus, refactoring, taproot)
» #16756 Connection eviction logic tests by mzumsande (p2p, tests)
» #16702 Supplying and using asmap to improve IP bucketing in addrman by naumenkogs (p2p)
» #16698 Rework rebroadcast logic to improve privacy by amitiuttarwar (mempool, p2p, wallet)
» #16688 Add validation interface logging by jkczyz (utils/log/libs)
» #16512 Shuffle inputs and outputs after joining psbts by achow101 (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #16442 Serve BIP 157 compact filters by jimpo (p2p)
» #16426 Reverse cs_main, cs_wallet lock order and reduce cs_main locking by ariard (wallet)
» #16401 Package relay by sdaftuar (p2p)
» #16345 Add getblockbyheight method / support @height in place of blockhash for getblock etc by emilengler (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #16279 Return the AcceptBlock CValidationState directly in ProcessNewBlock by TheBlueMatt (validation)
» #16244 Move wallet creation out of the createwallet rpc into its own function by achow101 (wallet)
» #16202 Refactor network message deserialization by jonasschnelli (p2p)
» #16115 On bitcoind startup, write config args to debug.log by LarryRuane (utils/log/libs)
» #16060 Bury bip9 deployments by jnewbery (consensus)
» #15996 Deprecate totalfee argument in `bumpfee` by instagibbs (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #15934 Merge settings one place instead of five places by ryanofsky (utils/log/libs)
» #15931 Remove GetDepthInMainChain dependency on locked chain interface by ariard (wallet)
» #15921 Tidy up ValidationState interface by jnewbery (validation)
» #15845 Fast rescan with BIP157 block filters by MarcoFalke (wallet)
» #15834 Fix NOTFOUND bug and expire getdata requests for transactions by sdaftuar (p2p)
» #15759 Add 2 outbound blocks-only connections by sdaftuar (p2p)
» #15741 Batch write imported stuff in importmulti by achow101 (wallet)
» #15713 Replace chain relayTransactions/submitMemoryPool by higher method by ariard (wallet)
» #15681 Allow one extra single-ancestor transaction per package by TheBlueMatt (mempool)
» #15644 Make orphan processing interruptible by sipa (p2p)
» #15557 Enhance bumpfee to include inputs when targeting a feerate by instagibbs (wallet)
» #15505 Request NOTFOUND transactions immediately from other outbound peers, when possible by sdaftuar (p2p)
» #15481 Restrict timestamp when mining a diff-adjustment block to prev-600 by TheBlueMatt (mining)
» #15450 Create wallet menu option by achow101 (gui)
» #15443 Add getdescriptorinfo functional test by promag (tests)
» #15206 Immediately disconnect on invalid net message checksum by jonasschnelli (p2p)
» #15204 Add Open External Wallet action by promag (gui)
» #15169 Parallelize CheckInputs() in AcceptToMemoryPool() by sdaftuar (mempool)
» #14707 Include coinbase transactions in receivedby RPCs by andrewtoth (rpc/rest/zmq)
» #14053 Add address-based index (attempt 4?) by marcinja (utxo db and indexes)
» #10823 Allow all mempool txs to be replaced after a configurable timeout (default 6h) by greenaddress (mempool)
» #10102 Multiprocess bitcoin by ryanofsky (gui, rpc/rest/zmq)